Our Roots.

Four New Orchardists

(and One Good Boy)

Our Roots.

Jesse Slade Shantz Founder

Originally from Ontario, Jesse first fell in love with farming in his own backyard. His zeal for eating the food he grew blossomed into an intricate home garden, and now, the Rose Hill Orchard.

Angelique Slade Shantz Founder

Born and raised in Arizona, one of Angelique's first memories is of the abundant lemon trees in her home town. She still remembers patiently waiting at the kitchen table as her mother zested fresh citrus over sugar dusted crepes.

June Slade Shantz VP of Animal Relations

If she's not riding a horse, or playing with Quincy by the pond, you will most likely find June with her nose in a good book.

Niko Slade Shantz VP of Fruit Tasting

Niko has a passion for the prehistoric and enjoys spending most of his free time being the architect of Jurassic lego worlds.

Quincy Chief Bird Chaser

A gopher hunter in-training, Quincy thoroughly enjoys all of the open space that the Orchard provides

Our Roots.

The Rose Family

Jamie and Glenn Rose built much of the Orchard you see today. Their kindness, generosity, and agricultural innovation cemented the Orchard as a pillar of the Lake Country community.


Our Roots.

The Frank Family

The Frank Family were the original owners of the property, and put down many of the roots for what would become Rose Hill Orchard.

Walter Frank planted the peach trees that continue to produce fruit to this day. He will still visit the orchard from time to time to lend his pruning wisdom and a friendly smile.


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